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Valerie Leith, RYT 300

I believe that we each have an innate desire to connect and communicate with a deeper part of ourselves.   

In our fast paced world, living on the surface is encouraged and often glamorized. Balancing work, family, responsibility, being pulled in a million different directions at once, can leave us feeling depleted, disconnected, unheard, frustrated and wanting to retreat.

The Everyday Retreat is just that, a retreat from everyday life, in everyday life.  Through a collection of wellness inspired travel, yoga & meditation, food, and daily practices, we can take that post-retreat calm and balance out of vacation mode and put it into action in our everyday lives.


The Everyday Retreat is a way to find ease in the tense, stillness in the busy and sacred in the mundane, helping us to slow down, find calm and tap into our inner knowing.

I hope The Everyday Retreat inspires you to peer below the surface and helps you to cultivate a practice of self-love, acceptance and a deeper understanding of and connection to the highest version of yourself.   

See you there xo


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