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Authentic Goal Setting for the New Year

What does the term “New Beginning” mean for you?

There is a lot of bold and direct, masculine energy swirling around in early January, which often commands a form of re-direction. No matter where you are in your life, the desire to re-examine, re-define, shed a layer, and perhaps grow another, is palpable.

But what do you do with that energy? Are you using it to your advantage?

This is why setting goals, is so important at this time of year. The energy surrounding you is there to help you build new and more healthy habits, change old un-serving patterns, and more closely examine some places where you might need some fine-tuning.

Were you happy with your 2019? What are things you wish you could change? What are some habits or people you may have outgrown? What are some thoughts and ideas you’ve ignored or put on the back-burner? What self-limiting fears need to be faced and put in their place?

Taking some time to have that dialogue with yourself in a quiet place will really set the stage and the tone for the year ahead and help to focus and hone your energy to exactly the places that need your attention to help you have a more expansive and full 2020.

At some point in the coming week, with your eyes closed, sit in stillness and ask yourself three questions:

  • Who am I?

  • What do I need?

  • What do I w

Pay attention to and write down what comes up. These inner directives will help you to identify where to focus your energy in the coming year, and help you to make 2020 goals that are most authentic to you.

Happy Near Year everyone 😊

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