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Change is Hard

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

As January starts to wind down, you can feel the energy start to shift. You’ve been working hard to realign yourself with your targets and long-term goals. Maybe you’ve been hitting the gym, or spending more time in the kitchen, or reading up on a topic you’ve wanted to learn more about. You’ve changed your focus and expanded your vision of your future, and now some of the seeds that you’ve planted are beginning to blossom, bringing with it a healthy does of CHANGE.

Do you welcome change? Or do you tend to stick with the familiarity of situations you know?

As human beings, we are naturally adverse to change. We like the comfort of situations of which we can predict the outcome. It makes us feel safe, steady and most importantly in control. But when we stick to only what we know, it limits our ability to grow and fully step into our potential. We need change to expose us to different people, scenarios, jobs, relationships and places most advantageous to our own personal growth. Often times the change that we are resisting the most is the one we so desperately need. By analyzing our compulsive avoidance of this change, we can get a clear picture of where we might be feeling stuck energetically and inhibiting our own ability to evolve and blossom.

But if you have been living with a fear of change for a long period of time it can be difficult know where and how to begin to “unstick” yourself. Here is a little routine, I like to do at times when I feel lost in a sea of inertia.

  1. ·In a quiet place, write down the areas in your life where you are feeling the most stuck. You’ll know what they are because you will get a waive of anxiety or frustration just thinking about them.

  2. For each of these areas, write down reasons that you have not changed these situations. Be as honest with yourself as possible.

  3. When you have identified that fear is the root cause of all of your reasons not to change you can begin to release the fear and break up all that stagnant energy surrounding you.

Twisting postures help to break up a lot of stuck and inert energy within our bodies, thus freeing our minds and helping to illuminate our path to liberation.

When you’re in a twisting posture you are:

  1. Flushing out accumulated toxins by massaging your internal organs.

  2. Invigorating your mind and helping you gain new perspective by moving your body in non-habitual ways

  3. Alleviating anxiety by releasing stored fears and emotions within your body

Adding a few simple twists to your bedtime routing can be a powerful way to help you to feel more confident and accepting of changes as they unfold in your life.

You got this.

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