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Atmospheric Energy Mixed Messaging

Do you find it challenging to create time and space for a meditation practice? The atmospheric energy of your space can have a lot to do with that.

What do I mean by that? Think about this...

When you walk into your bedroom how do you want it to feel? When you walk into your kitchen how do you want it to feel? Your living room? Your bathroom? There is very specific energy tied to the feeling we experience (or would like to experience) in each room.

Personally, I like my bedroom to be calming and quiet, so I try to make that a place dedicated to sleep, or meditation or reading only. I like my living room to be a gathering place for conversation, so I don’t like to have the TV on, or be glued to my phone screen, or plugged into my laptop. I like my kitchen to be a place for creativity, so I like to play some inspiring music, and place objects that make me feel enlivened on the counter tops. We get to dictate the energy of the room by what we allow to occur within in.

In today’s times, one of the most challenging aspects of spending most of our lives in our homes or apartments, is that we are doing multiple tasks in rooms that contradict the energy we are trying to achieve. So your kitchen becomes your office, your living room becomes a place for conference calls or zoning out in TV mode, your bedroom becomes a place where you are doing exercise…. You get the idea. We’re sending mixed messages energetically which is absorbed into the atmosphere of the rooms we’re are spending time in and then we are wondering why we have such a difficult time dialing down the noise and getting centered in our own spaces.

Its important to try to limit activities that contradict the energy we would like to feel in each room of our home. Taking time to make sure that what we are trying to feel in each room is predominantly what we are doing in each room is key to shifting the vibrational energy of that space. So, getting intentional about how you are spending time in each room of your space is key. If you want to invite a more calming, quiet, peaceful space, make sure that the activities you are doing illicit that emotion response in your brain.

I was listening to a podcast this morning with Jay Shetty, and he was talking about the importance of having a space exclusively dedicated to a spiritual practice. Be it yoga, or meditation, or any kind of personal self-care, keeping one space in your home dedicated to your well-being practices is essential to developing a routine around them.

Simply put, if you're in a space where it is pleasant to meditate or dedicate time to your spiritual routines you're going to do them more regularly. And once you're doing them more regularly, and start noticing a difference in your well-being, you're going to make it a habit that you are more likely to sustain in the long term.

So this weekend, even if its just a small corner of a bedroom, try creating a space that is used only for meditation and nothing else. Meditate there for five minutes a day, for a week, and see if that helps you to cultivate a regular sacred practice of your own.

- xo

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