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Enjoy The Process

We often glamorize the end result of a goal we’ve set but we miss celebrating the little steps were taking day to day to achieve our goals.

When we rush and force our way forward to achieve our goals instead of letting them unfold more rhythmically, we are out of flow with the creation process and we get frustrated feeling that what we want is out of our reach. When this frustration sets in, were pulled out of a place of enjoying the process and we place our happiness some place in the future reserved for a time after our goal is achieved.

But what are you rushing for? Enjoy the process of becoming. If your goals are really for you, you’ll find enjoyment in the process. Everything is process, life is process, there is no fast-forwarding, there is no escaping process. Finding enjoyment in the process is where the magic lies and how our goals are achieved more fluidly.

Remaining present through the different processes of your life is how to ensure you remain in flow and create a cyclical pattern of: creation...enjoyment...creation... enjoyment. Before you know it, your goals are achieved and you’ll realize that the real happiness wasn’t in the end result, but in fact was in the process of doing and becoming process in and of itself. AND the real achievement was remaining present enough not to let the wisdom of that process pass you by.

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