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My Favorite Meditation Techniques

Let’s get real now. Sometimes mediation can be difficult. When your mind has been trained to habitually multitask, sitting in stillness can be very frustrating. Our minds have been conditioned to bounce around from one task to the next, trying to balance a million responsibilities, ideas and thoughts all at the same time. But we have a tool to reign in the mind, take us out of auto pilot mode and the mental monotony of constantly doing and slow down to detach ourselves from our negative thoughts worries and restless behaviors.


Now if you’re used to letting the mind run rampant, meditation, as I mentioned earlier can be very frustrating. So, if you’re feeling irritated at even the thought of sitting in stillness, chances are you desperately need it.

But where to begin? Do I just sit there? Do I visualize something? Do I try to think positive thoughts? Its easy to feel like you’re doing it wrong, and when we feel like that, we are more likely to throw in the towel and walk away more annoyed than when we began. But your meditation practice is YOURS. You design it how you want. There is no right or wrong way. All paths lead toward mindfulness and peace.

Below, are few types of meditation that I find impactful when my mind is going at hyper speed.

1. Mantra Meditation.

This type of mediation helps you to focus on feeling better mentally by repeating a mantra over and over again in your mind. Basically, you’re calling in how you would like to feel. Feeling sad? Start by repeating: I am happy, I am whole. Feeling anxious? Start by repeating: I have arrived, I am home. Feeling inferior or weak? Start by repeating: I am powerful, I have magic. You get the idea. By repeating the mantra over and over again, you’re elevating your emotional state and sealing the energy of whatever you are seeking into your being.

2. Visualization Meditation.

This type of mediation helps with manifestation. If you’re unhappy with your current circumstances but are feeling stuck or a bit lost as to how to move pass, out or through them this meditation will be your jam. To begin, imagine yourself, living your dream life. Really focus on EVERY detail. What are you wearing? Where are you living? What are you doing for work? Who is surrounding you? What does your voice sound like? What smells are present? By putting you in closer connection to your intuition, this type of meditation will help you get more clarity as to what it is that you really want and the direction you should take to get there. Journal what comes up for you during any visualization meditations.

3. Mindfulness Meditation.

This type of mediation is helpful to release your attachment to your thoughts and your tendency to identify with the emotions or circumstances in your life. The magic of this type of mediation is that you get little glimpses into neutrality, in that you’re not attaching your judgement to any thoughts, emotions or ideas as they come into your brain. You’re simply observing them for what they are. Imagine yourself as a rock who has no concept of right and wrong, good or bad, or any other polarizing dogmas. Like that rock, you’re simply observing things for what they are and letting them pass you by. You are not your thoughts; you are the observer of your thoughts.

4. Meta Meditation.

This type of mediation will improve your empathy and open you up to feeling love and acceptance without conditions. While you’re sitting in meditation, imagine a beam of blue (or whatever color speaks to you) light coming from your heart space. Imagine this light pulsing and growing with each breath until its so big your chest can barely contain it. Once you are feeling the warmth from that, I want you to imagine that beam of light shooting out of your body and into the body of a person you love. Feel the connection that it cultivates. Next, I want you to imagine that beam of light shooting out of your body and into the body of a person you don’t know. Maybe someone at the grocery store, or your neighbor, or your mailman. Imagine the light filling them up and a smile on their face as you send this light to them. Next, I want you to imagine that bean of light shooting out of your body and into the body of a person who challenges you. Someone you find difficult or unpleasant. Imagine this beam of light shooting into their body and feeling them up with love and kindness as they float away from you, sending them all the best as they exit your line of sight. This meditation always makes me feel more connected to those around me and more compassionate for people and their unique points of view and perspectives of the world.

If you’re finding it difficult to maintain a regular meditation practice, start with a little 7-day trial. The first day, begin with 5 minutes and add a minute per day until you’ve reached the seventh day. You can try any of the mediation types above, if one speaks to you, or develop your own natural rhythm and methods. Again, your practice is YOURS and no one else’s. All paths will lead you to reduced anxiety, more mindful and kind thoughts and a deeper connectivity to yourself and the world around you.

All you need to do is start.

You can do this xo

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