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Easy 2-2-2 Beet Juice

Someone drop a beat!


This juice is one that I continue to come back to time and time again when I need a little extra oommmph.

If you're feeling sluggish, freezing all the time, experiencing frequent brain fog, this beet juice is going to be your new best bud.

Beets are great for increasing blood flow and red blood cell production, thus increasing your stamina and mental fortitude. They also are a good source or iodine (something hard to come by in typical western diets) which can help regulate your thyroid levels and improve your metabolism.

And in addition to being incredibly easy to make, this juice is sweetened without the use of any fruits, helping to keep your blood sugar balanced.

Give her a try, you wont be disappointed.


Easy 2-2-2 Beet Juice

2 Beets

2 Carrots

2 Inch Piece Fresh Ginger

That's it. Throw them all in your juicer and enjoy this for up to a week fresh in your fridge.

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