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Spicy Fig & Strawberry Salad w/Whipped Mascarpone

Fig season is upon us! And there is no better way to enjoy it than by trying this Spicy Fig & Strawberry Salad.

This is maybe less of a salad in the traditional sense and more of a fruit-forward spread (making it the perfect well-rounded party food in my humble opinion). It’s sweet and savory and a little spicy making it ideal for just about any occasion or time of day.

The mascarpone base is whipped with goat cheese and cayenne giving it a little depth with a kick. And the figs (which happen to be deliciously perfect and in season right now) strawberries, pecans and jalapenos are an unlikely flavor blend that is strangely addictive and delicious.


Spicy Fig & Strawberry Salad w/Whipped Mascarpone

(Serves 1-2)

Mascarpone Base

1/3 cup mascarpone

5-6 oz of goat cheese

½ tsp cayenne


6-7 large ripe figs (a mixture of quartered and sliced)

5-6 large ripe strawberries (quartered)

¼ of a jalapeno (seeded and thinly shaved)

¼ cup chopped pecans

spicy honey

For the Mascarpone Base:

In a small bowl whip all the ingredients together with a hand mixer until well blended and fluffy.

For the Salad

In a shallow serving bowl layer in the whipped mascarpone cheese base layer. Next place the figs, strawberries, jalapeno and pecans. Top with a little spicy honey and flaky sea salt.

Serve with whole grain crackers or a fresh baguette

(and maybe a glass of sauvignon blanc 😊).

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