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Summer Peach Salad With Buffalo Mozzarella and Spicy Honey Vinaigrette

When I think of peaches, I think of the height of Summer. Bees buzzing; flowers in full bloom; sunshine glistening down warm over head. All the quintessential summer slowness. When I was a kid in New England, stone fruit season didn't come until mid to late August and I used to love heading to the farm to pick peaches right off the tree. It felt like a special summer edition of apple picking and thinking about it still gives me the warm and fuzzies to this day. There is just something about a ripe Summer peach, harvested at the peak of the season. Its like biting into a little moment in time. Truthfully, I won't even buy peaches in the off season anymore, they just aren't the same and I always end up disappointed.

So while, there are few things I like more in the summer than biting into a fresh summer peach all on its own, sometimes you need something a little more substantial to carry you through the day.

And grown up me, loves marrying the nostalgia of childhood me's favorites with complex flavor profiles and fresh seasonal ingredients. So, its no wonder this Summer salad has been on heavy rotation in my house as of late.

Its bright and well balanced, sweet with just a touch of savory that really brings out the flavor of the stone fruit and the mint and is filling (and refreshing) enough to have on your balcony on a hot summer day. ...Perhaps with a glass of wine thinking of how lucky you were to grow up in such a lovely, charming and idyllic place.

If you're looking for a way to incorporate more seasonal ingredients into your routine. Look no further than the recipe below:


Summer Peach Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella and Spicy Honey Vinaigrette

(Serves 1-2)

Salad Base:

1 Ripe Peach

1 Ripe Nectarine

3-4 Small Buffalo Mozzarella Balls

6-7 Ripe Blackberries

Thinly Shaved Red Onion (to your taste preference)

1-2 Tbsp Shelled Pistachios

2 Tbsp Chiffonade Fresh Mint

Flaky Sea Salt

Spicy Honey Vinaigrette

3 Tbsp Avocado Oil

2 Tbsp Spicy Honey

1 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

In a medium bowl, mix all the salad ingredients together, starting with the stone fruit and cheese (largest to smallest) as shown below.

In another small bowl, mix together all of the vinaigrette ingredients and set aside. Adjusting the amounts to your taste as needed.

Pour the dressing over the finished salad. Top with fresh chiffonade mint and enjoy xo

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