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My Clean Beauty Faves

Let’s talk about clean beauty.

First off, what is clean beauty?

Simply put (no pun intended) clean beauty products, are beauty products made without the use of chemicals and synthetic additives that are harmful to the environment, to our skin and thus to our internal well being.

The Food and Drug Administration in this country (as compared to other counties) is extremely lenient, as to what it allows into our beauty products here in America. If you think I’m sensationalizing, consider this; there are 11 chemicals banned from beauty products here in America, and over 1,300 in the EU alone. That means, that over 1300 chemicals definitively known to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm are allowed onto the market here in the U.S. 1300! That’s insane!

And while you're considering what all of those chemicals are doing to your face, or your body, (Or AHEM, your endocrine system), let’s stop and think about what they are doing to the environment. Where do you think that water goes as it washes away the day’s make-up? Yep, directly down the drain into the groundwater, the soil, even permeating into the air around you. If its bad for our bodies, can you imagine what it’s doing to the environment around us? It effects are non-discriminatory, effecting everything around us, from those we love, to animals and plants (even the ones we eat).

Its no bueno.

And don’t even get me started on the horrors of animal testing. Its cruel and its useless. Experimenting on animals and determining that a particular chemical is “safe” for the animal, does not mean it will be safe for humans, it just means that it can be moved to the next phase of its testing where it is considered safe enough for human trials. In short, they need to be tested on humans anyway. And guess what? Humans get to decide whether they want to be tested on or not. Animals don’t have that luxury. We make change with our money guys, if you're not into the idea of testing on animals, don’t buy from companies that use the practice. They’ll hear it clearly when their bottom line is adversely affected.

I have always subscribed to the school of thought that if I wouldn’t put it in my mouth, I shouldn’t be putting it on my skin. Its no secret that what we eat effects our health. With reproductive issues, hormonal and endocrine imbalances and depression being at an all-time high right now, its time to more closely examine our relationship to some of the silent causes of these disruptions, those which we put on our skin.

BUT, if the case against non-clean beauty products in the US is such a slam dunk, why is the industry still thriving? Clean beauty products COST MORE! With currency being king in this country, and especially so right now while many of us are experiencing financial hardships, cutting costs is more important that ever. But consider the underlying costs in not choosing clean personal care and beauty products. The real cost might not be a financial one.

Clean beauty products cost more because they are made using naturally derived ingredients that are safe to humans and to the environment, most of which being naturally derived and sourced making it more expensive to obtain and harvest when compared to synthetic alternatives. And while you can’t put a price tag on your health or the health of our planet, it can come with some personal limitations.

So, if you care about your physical well being and the well being of the environment, and would like to clean up your beauty regiment, still want to be budget conscious, and aren’t sure which products (and companies) are worth your time or your money, below are some of my favorite clean-beauty brands that are on the less expensive side and what I love about each.

You’re probably familiar with this brand. Sephora has been carrying it for years. Most of their products are five star, but their lights, camera, lashes mascara, is one of my all-time favorites. Of ANY mascara. This mascara really holds up without any smudging for regular day wear (not something I can say for most clean mascaras), and with a few extra coats can go glam for an evening out. It has a thick brush so it really pumps up the volume and lengths your lashes. Can’t recommend this one highly enough.

This brand was new to me, after I did some research on the company and its mission statement (they are totally non-toxic and plant based) I decided to give their concealer a shot. And I love it! Its not a full coverage concealer so if you’re looking to cover problem arears or large blemishes, you might want to go with something a little heavier. This is, however, great for undereye circles or discoloration. The formula they use has a little caffeine, helping to depuff and brighten your eyes, which makes it great for morning and day wear. In addition to the caffeine, its made with algae extract, coconut oil and aloe oil so it’s a very smooth and hydrating formula. A little of this goes a LONG way, so for regular day wear a little dab will do it! Love this stuff!

This is probably my greatest find in my clean beauty search. P.Y.T. products are amazing and so is the company! They list all the chemicals they ban right on their website and they do not test any of their products on animals. My favorites, in particular, are their brow pencil and their lip plumping gloss. I haven’t tried their full line of products, but everything that I have tried I’ve absolutely loved! One you try their lip gloss, you won’t want to go back to your other brand.

My skin is super sensitive so I have to be really careful about what foundations I’m slathering on my skin. Most liquid make-up makes my skin break-out, so in a desperate attempt to find something my skin would actually tolerate, I made the switch to Bare Minerals YEARS ago. My skin has never been happier. Bare Minerals is great because its non-toxic and they do not test on animals, but what really does it for me is that you don’t feel like you’re wearing make-up at all. Their “naked” feeling skin products are just enough coverage to even out your skin tone while still maintaining a natural, breathable glow. Just be prepared to get it EVERYWHERE when you’re putting it on. It’s a loose powder so it does make things a tad messy.

These are a few of my favorite, everyday make-up brands that are affordable and responsible and actually work.With people starting to pay attention and care about what their beauty products are doing to their bodies and our environment in the long-term, there are more and more emerging clean beauty companies out there.Do you research and find one that fits your needs. Your body and the planet will thank you.


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