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Back to the homeland

Feeling smaller than usual in The Highlands

Scotland, where to even begin? This trip was a trip that I have been wanting to take since before I can remember. My father's side of the family is Scottish, and I grew up hearing all about our ancestors and our ancestral homeland across the pond. I had a lot of those moments that make you take pause in Scotland. The untouched wilderness and, of course, British charm, where hard to ignore, but the feeling of adventure and ancient wisdom lying deep in the earth there really gets into your soul. (Okay, or maybe just mine)

We flew into Edinburgh, the city that inspired Harry Pottery, and its noticeable the second you arrive.

Edinburgh Castle perched high above the City

Our next stop, was in my opinion the most moving of the days. It was the day that I finally got to see a great hall that had once been in my family's possession, Leith Hall. The drive from Edinburgh was from a fairy tale but the real magic came for me, when we pulled down a long tree lined drive, to this :

Leith Hall in all her glory

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